Meet Chelli Pumphrey, your Love Strategist. 

Have you ever heard of a LOVE STRATEGIST? Me either... Until I realized that was essentially what I had become. You see, I spent much of my career helping people figure out how to mend their broken hearts, find confidence in themselves, and figure out how to find love in their lives.  As a therapist and dating coach, I realized that the common struggle that most people had was with their relationships- both with others and with themselves. 

(The truth is, if you don't love yourself, it becomes really hard to find someone who will love you as much as you deserve to be loved).

So, here I am. Your LOVE STRATEGIST. Consider me your guide.  Your navigator. Your partner in finding love within you, and outside of you. 

How does this work, you may ask? Well, first, let me ask you this: 

Have you ever felt like you're paralyzed by the fear and heartbreak, and think you'll never find love?

Maybe you've struggled with knowing how to be more authentic on dates?

Do you struggle with a lot of worry and insecurity when you're dating someone and you're afraid you come off as too "needy" and "clingy" and drive partners away? 

Are you in a relationship that leaves you questioning whether you should leave, or you notice that you've had a pattern of unhealthy relationships, and you just can't seem to get it right?

Do you find that you love your partners more than you ever feel you're loved in return? 

Do you struggle with self-confidence and self-esteem, and wonder if there might be something wrong with you that is causing your relationships to fail? 

Maybe you don't know what you need, but somehow you've been magically drawn to this site? 

This is the thing...while everyone may have a different path to finding love in their lives, when you work with a LOVE STRATEGIST, there is just one common destination — the destination is love.

I don't teach people how to say the right things, play games, or otherwise inauthentically attract love. Instead, I use my clinical expertise as a therapist to help you identify compatible partners for you, and how to find them. 

I will help you understand exactly why you react the way you do when you're dating or falling in love (answers to questions like, why do I get so anxious after a date? Or why do I play "hard to get" when a partner isn't giving me the connection I need?).

I will help you understand why your past relationships failed, and how to significantly improve your chances of a healthy, fulfilling, committed relationship in the future. 

Are you curious? Do you want to learn more about the possibilities for your journey to love?