Are you playing small?

Are you playing small in your life?  Do you sometimes feel like you’re afraid that if you showed people the “real you”, that you’d be rejected, ridiculed, or shamed?  Often we have a fear that deep down inside we aren’t good enough for anyone else.  You may go overboard to please others, or have low self-esteem.  You may do things that you don’t like, agree with people just to avoid conflict, or live a lifestyle that doesn’t fit with you inner beliefs.  You may be afraid to “expose yourself”, and allow someone to see the “real you” physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually.

When you are not living authentically, and you’re afraid to show the world the “real you”, it is easy to feel depressed and unfulfilled.  If you’ve been afraid to be yourself for a long time, you may not even know what the “real you” looks like.  You may be in a career or relationship that makes you feel disrespected, inadequate, and unhappy.   It may seem safer or more comfortable to avoid conflict, change, or to speak up for yourself.   Here are three tips to remember if you think you are playing small in your life:

  • Get rid of the shoulda, coulda, woulda’s in your life. They sound like this:  “I should do this…” or  “I would have done this….”  You get the picture.  What if you stopped “shoulding” and started “doing”?  What might be different in your life?   These words signal that you might be living in the past or future, but not in the present.  Try to find compassion for choices you’ve made in the past, and the courage to make fulfilling choices in your present and future.
  • Get in touch with your intuition. This is that voice inside of you that guides you, even when it may seem crazy, terrifying or irrational.  It usually speaks to you in ways that you can’t ignore.  It isn’t fear, it is a sense of “just knowing”, or a “gut feeling”.  This isn’t about what you think other people want you to do or how you should be.  This is your guide to what is right for you and only you!
  • Take a risk and let yourself be seen. You are a unique, beautiful expression of the human race!  There is no one else in the world with your unique personality.  If you are in a job or relationship that does not value and respect the real you, then it might be time to make some changes.

It’s time to stop hiding!  It’s time to shine and trust that you can be seen, unafraid of who you are.  The truth is, you are human.  You are perfectly imperfect.  There is nothing about you that is “wrong”. If you’re ready to end your relationship with playing small, contact me today.