Why I'm A Love Strategist (And Not A Dating Coach)

Today I am excited to announce the premiere of my new internet radio talk show, Destination Love. I have a great show planned out for you! We are going to cover so many topics, including attachment and the Love Styles, vulnerability and authenticity in relationships, masculine and feminine dynamics, and so much more!! I hope you can listen in. 

You can join Destination Love live on Wednesdays at 9am Pacific time, or you can download the shows at your convenience. Here’s the link if you want to listen in!  

This is also the day that I come out of the closet as a Love Strategist. When I first started this business, I called myself a dating coach.  But, like a tight pair of skinny jeans, it just didn’t fit. So, I had to figure out what it was I really did…you know, like what I wanted to do when I grew up. 

Why I’m Breaking Up With Myself As A Dating Coach:

Dating coaches can be known for telling you how to say the magic words to make every man or woman fall in love with you….or for telling you how to win back your ex who broke up with you. Umm, not me.

I can’t stomach dating coaches who direct people to play games, like play hard to get to make a man want you…Or act like a disinterested ass to make a woman fall in love with you. Yuck!

I also worry about dating coaches with no real experience or knowledge of human relationships and the science and psychology behind what makes love blossom, or wilt. Not to say that there aren’t some amazing coaches out there that know their stuff, but there are many who don’t. It’s like going to your dentist to get your car fixed. Do you go to someone who’s an expert in human relationships or to someone who was a realtor who decided to become a coach? That sounds harsh, but it exists, and it is prevalent.

I don’t believe that the reason you haven’t found your dream partner is because something is wrong with you, or that you’re doing it wrong. 

I don’t think you should dumb down or hide parts of you that you’re afraid won’t attract the right partner. 

Why I’m Coming Out As Your Love Strategist:

A Love Strategist has a wealth of experience as a therapist, which is invaluable in helping you understand relationships. This isn’t the stuff that other dating coaches offer, which is often anecdotal personal experience. This is science. This is effective, research backed information to help you find and maintain a healthy relationship. 

A Love Strategist knows attachment, the science of the brain, and the complexities of why we form bonds with partners who fear intimacy when we crave it… Or why you might freak out in sheer panic and anxiety when a partner hasn’t called you… Or why you push away every partner that has long term potential.

A Love Strategist helps you harness your beauty, inside and out, and helps you find the courage to express it without fear to every potential partner and person you meet.
A Love Strategist helps people find blind spots that they didn’t even know existed that are blocking them from finding love. Being a therapist for two decades before I was a Love Strategist helped me become an excellent detective of the human psyche and heart. 

A Love Strategist helps a woman understand things like why they always find themselves with men they end up resenting because he doesn’t wear the pants in the relationship. (It’s called an imbalance in masculine and feminine energy in your relationship.) 

A Love Strategist helps men understand why women’s emotions scare you, yet you find yourself intrigued, comforted, and attracted to the feminine essence.

A Love Strategist helps you find the strategies and courage to show up as your authentic self in your relationships, so you can find the BEST match.

A Love Strategist helps you extricate yourself from unhealthy relationships that no longer serve you. 

A Love Strategist helps you dance with the vulnerability of love, so you can figure out how to open and close your heart at just the right times. I can help you learn to breathe through the pain of heartache and get back up on your feet again, and again, and again. 

A Love Strategist believes in your worth, even when you don’t. I believe you’re enough. I believe you’re lovable. I believe you deserve love. And I will help you uncover your fears about believing the same, so that you can get on the right path to finding love with a partner who believes the same things that I see in you. 

So, if you want to learn more, here’s how we can begin our relationship together:

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