Intuitive Dating: Lean In

How do you know when you’re dating the wrong person? Sometimes you know, without a doubt, that this person isn’t right. Sometimes its more subtle, and you may be doubting the whispers of your intuition that are raising red flags. 

We all have an intuitive radar system that can successfully guide us through our relationships.

The problem is that we often lean away from our intuitive hunches about our partners, instead of leaning in, because we don’t like what we are hearing. 

Why do we lean away from intuition?

Sometimes we feel so lonely, desperate, or frustrated with not finding love that we become more willing to settle for the crumbs of connection. We lose hope or patience while waiting for the relationship that will truly fulfill us.

Another reason to lean away is that you may be a Love Connector with an anxious attachment who has a brain that is hardwired to attach to anyone that you have an inkling of desire toward. This hardwiring has a knack for making you ignore your intuition and overlook red flags just for the sake of commitment. 

Or, you may have your intuitive guidance system turned down so low that you can’t even hear it or recognize it. You may have been taught to rely on your analytical, rational thought. You may be out of touch with the feminine, intuitive energy inside of you (this can apply to women and men). 

How do you lean in to intuition?

When you hear that intuitive whisper, instead of ignoring it, lean into it. Start to listen. Take notes. See what repeats itself again and again. 

I was recently in a brief relationship with someone where I kept hearing the whispers of intuition. Many years ago, I would have ignored them for all of the reasons mentioned above. I know better now. Instead, I listened. I used the whisper as a barometer and a guide. The more I listened, and gave it room to breathe, the louder it spoke to me. 

I decided to test my intuition, with faith that it never lies. I poked around a bit…explored my hunches.  I learned that my hunches were right, and I witnessed the very thing I believed existed in this man, that I believe I wouldn’t have seen for many months had I not explored this hunch. 

I felt victorious.

I left the relationship and it didn’t hurt. I was grateful for my well-tuned intuition that now serves me in my relationships. Had I feared trusting my intuition, I would have just postponed the eventual demise of this relationship, and would have wasted time with a partner who was not a good match for me. 

Overriding your fear now is worth preventing a future of heartbreak.

Trust in this. Trust in your ability to guide yourself through love and life. Your heart will thank you later.