Narcissistic and relationship abuse often feels like an energetic drain to survivors. It is true. Narcissists are "energy vampires", and can deplete their "host" (you) of their life force and energy.

I strongly believe that we are energetic beings. It is ideal to include energy work to repair the psychic and energetic wounds left by a narcissist so that you can heal your spirit. This is why I use Reiki and other intuitive tools in my work with clients.


Reiki is the channeling of the life force of our world, for the purpose of energetic alignment and healing. By tapping into the flow of energy that moves through everything in the universe, a Reiki practitioner can guide this energy to the places where your energy body, and spirit are most in need. This energy provides the support needed for your own innate healing power to awaken, which allows people to feel less stress, increased learning and memory, mental clarity, and physical healing or a decrease in physical pain.

What is a session like?

I practice distance healing, which means that I can send Reiki to you, regardless of where you are.  


You will simply need to find a quiet, private location where you can be comfortable and free from distraction.  We will briefly discuss your concerns, and then you will be able to close your eyes and relax while I tune in to your energy from my location. 


Each experience is unique. You may feel tingling or warmth in your body, or you may feel nothing other than a release of stress and deep relaxation. It is common to fall asleep during a session. The benefits for survivors are that your nervous system gets to rest and reset, and you can experience a deeper integration of coaching and therapy experiences as this weaves into your energy body. 

As a Reiki Master, I am simply a conduit of energy, and am helping your own body and spirit access the healing energy of the Universe to tap into your deep wisdom and ability to heal.  

You are welcome to schedule a FREE 20 minute phone consultation to learn more about Reiki and whether it is a fit for you. 

Sessions are 30-60 minutes long, depending on your needs, and cost $150 for 60 minutes or $75 for 30 minutes. 

Reiki at Nest Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Center
Reiki at Nest Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Center

Everything around you is energy.  

If you want to learn how to tune in to your intuition, your energy, and your body to learn how to read and interpret these cues, then let's talk. 


My approach is to help you develop a relationship with the unique language that your intuition and body share with you.  This language is the most accurate, insightful guidance you need to help you navigate and protect yourself from toxic individuals.  

You have everything you need within you to survive and thrive.

Sometimes we just need a little help to reconnect us to our innate wisdom.  It is always there, even if you feel lost, unsteady, or impossibly overwhelmed.  Together, we can get you there.