Dive deep.  Heal and open your heart.  Love with courage and confidence.

Jump-start your heart in this transformational 5 Day Retreat.  Destination Love is an exclusive retreat for people who are ready to truly transform their lives and never return to a life that keeps them unhappy, disconnected, and lacking love.   

Spend five days immersed in nature in a relaxing, soul-full space, where you will nurture your body, mind, heart, and soul.  This is about giving yourself the message that you love yourself... that you come first....that you are your beloved first and foremost.  

In this powerful, heart opening retreat, you will be guided through a transformational experience that will transform your love life, with yourself and others.  We will dive deeply into all things love…healing from heartbreak…relationships…dating…igniting a relationship…and most importantly, receiving love.  You will learn the art and science of love.

If you’ve struggled with finding, keeping, or letting go of relationships, this is the retreat for you.  There are many coaches, self-help books, classes, and dating resources that will tell you how to make men or women chase you, or magically fall in love with you.  Truthfully, these techniques fall short.  They may provide some short-term dating success, but to find true change and fulfillment in your love life, you need to go deep and heal the patterns that have developed over your lifetime.  These patterns can keep you attracting the same unhealthy patterns again and again, and may leave you doubting that love is even possible.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn effective strategies from a relationship expert and dating coach.  The power of a small group and two days of focused intention will set the stage for a powerful experience to help you grow in ways that reading self-help books and occasional therapy or coaching sessions can’t do.


This retreat is for you if:

  • you are single and wondering if you’ll ever find love in your life
  • you are in a relationship and want to deepen the love for your self and your partner
  • you are single and terrified to even consider dating (but somewhere deep inside you admit you want one)
  • you are in a relationship and feeling unfulfilled or wondering if you should leave
  • you are recovering from a painful breakup or divorce
  • you feel like you're always the bridesmaid and never the bride
  • you struggle with confidence and low self-esteem in relationships
  • you have a hard time managing the anxiety of dating- i.e. does he like me?  will she call?  what's he doing now?  did I have sex too soon?, etc, etc, etc.
  • the thought of intimacy and vulnerability with a partner makes you want to run for the hills but somewhere deep inside you know that you don't want to spend your life alone
  • you are ready to commit to growth in your life

In the last 20 years, I have lead hundreds of clients through profound healing and transformation.  I bring together my years of wisdom, intuition, and clinical experience, as well as my own personal experience into this three day intensive.  We will dive deep where you will learn to open your heart, strengthen your spirit, gain clarity, confidence, and strength in all things “love”.

If you're ready to embark on a journey of loving transformation, sign up below and we'll send you more details on this retreat in fall of 2018.