Meet Chelli Pumphrey, your Love Strategist. 

Have you ever heard of a LOVE STRATEGIST? Me either... Until I realized that was essentially what I had become. You see, I spent much of my career as a therapist and coach helping people figure out how to mend their broken hearts, find confidence in themselves, and figure out how to find love in their lives.

I felt frustrated with the misleading, non-scientific, and often inauthentic relationship advice that many of my clients were unsuccessfully using after reading it on the internet. I decided it was time to bring my 20+ years of experience as a therapist to the table, and offer you some sound relationship advice that actually works! 

So, here I am. Your LOVE STRATEGIST. Consider me your guide. Your navigator. Your partner in finding love (and that means love for yourself, as well as with a partner). 

I use my clinical expertise in psychology and science to help you create deep, lasting change so that you can create EXTRAORDINARY LOVE in your life.

I am passionate about teaching people about THE FOUR LOVE STYLES, which is a concept I've created to help people have a simple way to understand the rather complex psychological theory of attachment.

What is attachment? Well, as humans we ALL have an attachment style. It is formed in the first few years of life, based on the interactions we have with our parents or caregivers. It is the FOUNDATION of how we relate to our adult relationships - romantic partners, friends, family, and children. Attachment is hard wired into our brains and it can create a range of emotions, behaviors, and thoughts when we are dating or in a relationship.

Most people have NO IDEA that our brains could have such a powerful influence on dating... even with little things, like worrying if someone is going to text you back, ghosting, or playing hard to get with a partner who is distancing from you, or feeling suffocated by a partner who needs a lot of reassurance. 

Understanding your unique Love Style can answer questions like these:

Do you feel like you hide your true self out of fear that your partner won't approve of you or like you?

Do you struggle with a lot of worry and insecurity when you're dating someone and you're afraid you come off as too "needy" and "clingy" and drive partners away? 

Are you in a relationship that leaves you questioning whether you should leave, but you just can't seem to get the motivation to leave?

Do you find that you love your partners more than you ever feel you're loved in return? 

Do you sabotage relationships when things get close?

Have you ever found yourself threatening to leave or breakup with a partner when you're upset, but you secretly wish they would beg for you to stay?

Do you have a hard time being physically, emotionally, or sexually intimate with your partners?

Do you keep dating people who are afraid to commit?

Are you terrified to date because intimacy scares you?

Understanding your Love Style, and your partner's Love Style is the key to finding and maintaining lasting, healthy, compatible love.  If you're interested in learning more, there are several ways you can work with me... through private coaching, online courses, and heart healing retreats. Take a look around my website and see what makes your heart sing.