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Chelli is a licensed psychotherapist and the author of Insight is 20/20: How To Trust Yourself To Protect Yourself From Narcissistic Abuse & Toxic Relationships.

With almost 30 years of clinical experience, Chelli has worked with a diverse group of clients and issues but specializes in working with trauma, adult attachment, and narcissistic and pathological relationship abuse and psychedelic integration therapy.  She is a Reiki Master and a Certified Integrative Mental Health Provider and is passionate about using a holistic, trauma-focused approach to helping clients access their innate ability to heal.   

Chelli is passionate about challenging the status quo of the traditional mental health world, and believes that our healing should be an integrated, holistic mosaic that nurtures mind, body, and soul.  

Chelli's work can be found throughout various sources on the internet, on her former internet talk radio show, Destination Love, and as a relationship coach in LEAP: The Coaching Movie, featuring John Gray and Jack Canfield.

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Insight is 20/20:

How To Trust Yourself To Protect Yourself From Narcissistic Abuse & Toxic Relationships

Published by New Degree Press


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Improve your relationship
with yourself and with others

  • Reclaim your power, happiness, and health.

  • Become a master at identifying red flags because you are tuned in to your body and intuition.

  • Make wise, confident, heart-centered decisions to create relationships that honor your mind, heart, body, and soul.

  • Stop questioning your sanity or reality in an abusive or dysfunctional relationship.

  • Discern whether you should stay or leave a relationship.

  • Create safety and security in your life.

  • Understand and heal your trauma so that you are no longer led by your wounds. 

  • Free yourself from patterns of self-betrayal, low self-worth, manipulation, and abuse.

  • Find your voice.

  • Speak your truth. 

  • Love and honor yourself.

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"Chelli has a way of bringing light and changing my perspective without me even realizing it at first. Our sessions have been profound in my healing from multiple traumas and have helped guide me to my life path in a beautiful way."

Healing for

Mind, Body, & Soul

Many people who have had long term relationships with toxic or pathological partners begin to experience symptoms of illness, disease, or pain in the body without realizing this is connected to the abuse they are experiencing. They may feel disconnected from their true selves, and like they've lost touch with their inner wisdom.

I offer a holistic, integrated approach in my work to help you heal the visible and invisible wounds of narcissistic abuse, including: 

  • Trauma-focused, somatic approaches that address the roots of trauma.

  • Energetic healing through Reiki and intuitive wisdom. 

  • As a Certified Integrative Mental Health Provider, I can also offer support for your physical health by addressing the mind-body connection, and a plan to improve your physical well-being.


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