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"The wound is where the light enters." - Rumi


Healing from trauma or relationship abuse can be complex and ongoing. People can struggle for years, if not their entire lives (without treatment), and may even feel shame or confusion about why they can’t “get over it”. The reason for this is because trauma affects us on every level, especially our bodies and nervous systems.


Furthermore, if your trauma has included some form of narcissistic or pathological love relationship abuse, you may have experienced a great degree of psychological and emotional abuse. These are invisible wounds that destroy your self-worth, your identity, your ability to trust yourself and others.

Not only does a survivor need to heal the body, whether there are physical injuries, trauma affecting the nervous system, or physical illness, but they must also work to heal the deepest wounds to the psyche, the heart, and the spirit. This often presents a challenge, because without support and feedback with a therapist or helping professional, you may not even realize that the way you feel about yourself, the self-doubt, lack of confidence, or self-destructive relationship patterns you may have developed is connected to the destructive psychological abuse you experienced. 

Nest Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Center


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5 Secrets To Break Free From Toxic Relationships Program 

Nest Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Center


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  • I offer holistic psychotherapy for all gender identities, ages 18+ who are in Colorado (in the US). 

  • Therapy is a deep dive into your past and present, where we uncover underlying trauma and patterns that create challenges in your life. 

  • I offer somatic approaches such as EMDR, IFS, and other tools to provide you with deep, transformative healing experiences.

  • I work with a variety of mental health concerns.

  • Are you a woman who is struggling with toxic, unhealthy, and abusive relationships?

  • Can't find the strength or clarity to leave?

  • Or, have you left, but you feel the aftermath of abuse and feel unable to heal? 

  • Do you wish you could learn to identify, trust, and act upon relationship red flags so you can protect yourself from heartbreak?

  • This program is for you! 

  • Reiki is the channeling of the life force of our world, for the purpose of energetic alignment and healing.

  • By tapping into the flow of energy that moves through everything in the universe, a Reiki practitioner can guide this energy to the places where your energy body and spirit are most in need.

  • This energy provides the support needed for your own innate healing power to awaken.