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Group ketamine
immersion ceremony

Ketamine or psychedelic curious? Ready to dive deep into your healing?

Whether you are new to ketamine or an experienced psychonaut, we invite you to join us for this group immersion ceremony using ketamine-assisted therapy (KAT).


With Chelli Pumphrey, MA, LPC,  Rachel Neff, LCSW &
Dr. German Ascani

Join Chelli Pumphrey, MA, LPC, CCTPII as she partners with Rachel Neff, LCSW, and Dr. German Ascani in an intimate group ketamine immersion ceremony.

To learn more about Chelli Pumphrey click here. 

About Rachel Neff, LCSW: Rachel is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and holistic therapist specializing in helping individuals build healthier, more fulfilling relationships with themselves and others. She has a deep foundation in trauma focused healing, always working to create a safe(r) environment to allow clients to feel regulated, seen, and heard. She is often picking up on the limiting narratives clients have about themselves, the environmental systems contributing to their circumstances, as well as seeing their potential for growth and healing.

Rachel views psychedelics as a path to higher consciousness, and enjoys holding space and ceremony for others to explore themselves deeper. Rachel believes that with the awareness psychedelics can provide, values can become more clear, intuition easily accessed, and truth more fully expressed.

Rachel has 8 years experience as a social worker in diverse communities, and is currently running her own private practice where she offers EMDR, somatic based therapy, ketamine assisted therapy and psychedelic integration.

About German Ascani, MD, MS: German is a psychiatrist, psychotherapist, and psychedelic mental health consultant. He is passionate about the potential that psychedelic and natural medicines have in nurturing and supporting our inherent drive towards psychological, emotional and spiritual growth. He has worked extensively with underserved, poor, homeless and marginalized communities providing patient care and organizational leadership. He is bilingual and bicultural having immigrated to the US from Argentina at the age of 12. He is presently in private practice through his clinic Evolve Mind Wellness in Denver, CO and Sebastopol,CA. He is core faculty and medical lead for the Psychedelic Research and Training Institute (PRATI). He is also core faculty at Naropa University in their psychedelic assisted therapy certificate program. He is MAPS trained and is serves as consultant for MAPS-PBC in MDMA-AT. He has been practicing KAP and using Ketamine in his clinical work for 6 years.

Ketamine-assisted therapy is a groundbreaking, integrative, trauma-informed experience that can be used to improve a wide range of mental health symptoms. Ketamine has a completely different mechanism of action from any other antidepressant medication and offers hope to the millions of people who have not found adequate help through therapy and medication alone.

Ketamine is a medicine that helps you access deeper parts of your psyche, and in the context of therapy, may help you understand this material in ways that may have been inaccessible in traditional talk and trauma therapy. Ketamine-assisted therapy is effective because we will create a safe and intentional “set and setting,” which refers to the environment and context in which you take the medicine, as well as the preparation and integration experiences.

To learn more about ketamine, read more here. 

Group sessions provide benefits of peer support, shared process, community, and lower cost of treatment. As professional guides leading the group process, we support and cultivate interconnectedness in a physically grounded and ethically safe, nurturing container. As a result, the shared experience of KAT in groups can boost the benefits one might achieve.  

Immersion Ceremony Includes:

  • ​One virtual group preparation session and one post-journey integration session.

  • A safe, ethically guided ceremony and container for your journey.

  • Integration activities to help you deepen and embody your experience.  

  • Light nourishments after your journey.


Interested? Schedule a free consultation with us here: 

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