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INTEGRATIVE Healing intensives

Take a deep dive into healing your mind, body, and spirit. 

As a therapist for 30 years, I have realized that the tools of psychology aren't the answer for everyone. Despite consistent therapeutic focus, some people continue to experience the same pain, fears, and limiting patterns and beliefs, finding themselves stuck in a rut for years, if not their entire lives. ​The clients I've seen over the years who experienced the most effective, life changing healing usually found the most relief by using an integrative web of healing modalities that propelled them forward in ways that psychotherapy alone could not do. 

This is why I have developed integrative healing intensives where I can offer you a customized, mind/body/heart/spirit approach to help you reach new levels of healing. I combine 30 years of expertise as a trauma therapist, using my holistic background in integrative mental health, Reiki, intuitive and psychic wisdom, and shamanism to catapult your transformation. 

I offer customized healing intensives from 1-3 days of deep, integrative healing. These can be done at my office in Denver, CO, or we can create an opportunity in another location for this. This is great for people who want to make deep, lasting changes, who feel stuck in their healing process, or who want to kick start their journey. Options include:


  • Trauma-focused therapy or coaching

  • EMDR (in therapy only)

  • Attachment focused approaches

  • Assessment of mind/body symptoms & recommendations for healing practices

  • Shamanic journey & soul retrieval

  • Intuitive insights

  • Yoga nidra deep reset meditation

  • Reiki energy healing

We will typically have one or more sessions prior to the intensive to prepare for our work together. While I specialize in a few areas, including narcissistic abuse/pathological love relationships, adult attachment, and trauma, I can work with a variety of issues. We can discuss your needs in a free phone consultation to decide on the best path forward. 


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What is aN InteNSIVE like?

Intensives can be customized to your needs.  


An example of a custom 1-3 day intensive could include the following:

1-2 pre-intensive virtual therapy or coaching sessions to prepare for the intensive.

Morning sessions can include intensive therapy or coaching on area of your choice. Modalities may include techniques from EMDR, IFS (Internal Family Systems Therapy), attachment-focused EMDR, energy psychology, pathological love relationship education and intervention, or others, depending on your needs. 

Afternoon sessions may include more EMDR or therapy, a shamanic journey and soul retrieval, or an intuitive reading and past life reading. We then focus on how to integrate the information from these techniques into your daily life. 

We can also include ketamine assisted psychotherapy in intensives. 

End the day with Reiki energy healing or yoga nidra to calm your nervous system and integrate healing.

Options include meeting in areas where you can deepen the experience through a connection to nature or inspiring locations. 

You have everything you need within you
to survive and thrive.

Sometimes we just need a little help to reconnect us to our innate wisdom.  It is always there, even if you feel lost, unsteady, or impossibly overwhelmed.  Together, we can get you there.  

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